Tribute to the Founder

Mr Naresh Kumar Anand Founder of Anand Public Ser Sec School and a successful Entrepreneur passed away on 18th July, 2014. He was born on 11September, 1939 in village Shekhupur, Punjab. His father Mr ML Anand was his inspiration for his life. After completing his higher education he started helping his father in his business. Under the supervision of Mr NK Anand his family business saw a tremendous growth. He expanded his business from Punjab (Kapurthala) to Haryana (Faridabad). He was a great Philanthropist as he always gave importance to humanity and good values; he always made active efforts to promote human welfare. With the aim to provide quality education to the students he established Anand Public School in 1989. This school is among the top most schools in the city now. As he was a motivated Learner and Tutor he did not stop himself and he came up with Anand College of Engineering & Management in 2010. He always taught his students to aim high, acquire knowledge, do hard-work and show perseverance while walking on the path of dreams. He was committed to provide a solid foundation to his students in a nurturing environment.

Mr NK Anand was follower of Rajneesh Osho. He always spread the message of Humanity. He was a social activist. He always followed this mantra in his life that - “Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past.”